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TARSHI’s Corner

Family and Sexuality:#Talk Sexuality Campaign

Mobility and Sexuality: Evaluate In Plainspeak through 2014

Anniversary Issue: TARSHI’s New Website

Let’s talk Sexuality: TARSHI’s Books on Sexuality Education 

Disability and Sexuality: TARSHI’s work on Disability and Sexuality

Sports and Sexuality: The Orange Book

Popular Media and Sexuality: Sexuality Questions, Feminist Answers

Music, Dance and Sexuality: Feedback for In Plainspeak

Technology and Sexuality: Kahi Ankahi Baatein is an initiative is to increase awareness amongst the youth on issues of health, consent, contraception and violence.

The Body and Sexuality: TARSHI set up a booth at the Sounds of Freedom concert held at Amity University, Noida. At the booth, we set up there was a corner for ‘Love Letters to the Body’, inspired by the ‘Love Letters to the Body Project’ by Yamini Deenadayalan and Bhamati Sivapalan.

#StopStigma This #WorldAIDSDay:

Migration and Sexuality: TARSHI Infoline 

Parenting and Sexuality: Parent Circle’s clipbook on comprehensive sexuality education.

Accessibility and Sexuality:  A talk arranged by TARSHI

Fiction and Sexuality: #WhyCSE: CSE In The Classroom

Memory and Sexuality: TARSHI’s Corner: Working Paper: Sexuality and Disability in the Indian Context, 2018 

Power and Sexuality: A Special Tribute To Janet Sunita

Class and Sexuality: Hindi Wellbeing and Sexuality

Hindi: Hindi Wellbeing and Sexuality

Young people and Sexuality: Hindi Wellbeing and Sexuality

Young people and Sexuality: The Birds and the Bees talk

Femininities and Sexuality: Self-care Essentials

Femininities and Sexuality: Understanding and Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment

TARSHI Corner: Self-care Essentials

Singlehood and Sexuality: TARSHI Corner

Ageing and Sexuality: TARSHI Corner: Hindi Family and Sexuality

Representation and Sexuality: Self-care

TARSHI Corner: TARSHI turns 26!

Music Corner

Friendship and Sexuality: Songs Celebrating Friendship

Campaign Corner

Language and Sexuality: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Diversity and Sexuality:

Innovations and Sexuality: Watch how queer women experience the Internet as part of Feminism in India’s campaign #DigitalHifazat

Law and Sexuality: Campaign Corner: #TalkingStalking

Risk and Sexuality: अकेली आवारा आज़ाद On Her Own, Unapologetic, Free

Singlehood and Sexuality: ‘Happily unmarried’: An online project reminds Indian women to celebrate singlehood


Food Corner

Law and Sexuality: Did you know that Corn Flakes were invented as part of an anti-masturbation crusade?

Art and Activism: Did You Know That Lettue as A Sacred Sex Symbol?

Popular Media and Sexuality: Men eat meat, women eat chocolate: How food gets gendered

Anniversary Issue: Women have always been trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Before the time of modern medicine, vegetables and fruits that could be grown in your backyard were used as contraceptives and abortives!

Sports and Sexuality: Delicious things to eat from all around the world while you watch your favorite sport!

Money and Sexuality: Going from cook to chef

Communities and Sexuality: The myths about food and pregnancy

Time and Sexuality:

Innovations Corner

Popular Media and Sexuality: Abuse awareness poster is ‘only fully visible to children’

Art and Activism: Postcards Of Hope

Law and Sexuality: Featured Apps

Women and Sexuality: Here is a scathing response to a new website that came up to promote shaadis among members of a very specific cohort.

Safe Abortion: A list safe abortion hotlines in Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand and Morocco that Women on Waves has supported the launch of.


Mobility and Sexuality: Some interesting safety Apps to look out for!

Let’s Talk Sexuality: Launch of SAFE, a mobile app for CSE 

Sports and Sexuality: The International Center for Research on Women’s (ICRW) Asia Regional Office in New Delhi, India, is using sports as a vehicle for social change through a groundbreaking program, Parivartan.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Here is an app called SAFE, which stands for ‘Sexuality Awareness For Everyone’ that was created by Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW).

Technology and Sexuality: The latest in condom innovations is the VA w.o.w. Condom Feminine, a latex female condom that comes equipped with a miniaturized bullet vibrator in its frame base.

Work and Sexuality: 

Feminism and Sexuality: 

Relationship and Sexuality: #100indiantindertales

Self care and Sexuality: a Self-Care and Self-Defense Manual for Feminist Activists

Self care and Sexuality: Sex Work, Online Activism and Self-Care

Boundaries and Sexuality: Gendering Surveillance

Wellbeing and Sexuality: How Sex Toys are Being Redesigned to Help Survivors of Sexual Assault

Wellbeing and Sexuality: In This Support Group, Youngsters Open Up About Abuse, Shame & Trauma Without Judgement 

Young people and Sexuality: A Young Women’s Toolkit for Advocacy on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Mental Health

Support Systems and Sexuality: Project Arise Trans(forming) Lives by Solidarity Foundation and Altran


Art and Activism: 10 Sex Toys With Ridiculously Ancient Origins

Law and Sexuality: Women and Law

Body image: Have you ever wondered how women’s body image evolved over the years?

Safe Abortion: Safe Abortion FAQs April 2014

Disability and Sexuality: Mythbusting by Sexuality and Disability

Sports and Sexuality: Basic Information on Sexual Identity and Gender Identity

Popular Media and Sexuality: (The extract below is taken from an article first published on Media, a bilingual monthly journal of the Kerala Press Academy)

Mobility and Sexuality: The Myths Versus The Reality Of Sex Tourism And Prostitution In Thailand

Music, Dance and Sexuality: For the Fact Box for this month, we are featuring a book called ‘Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance‘  by Anna Morcom.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Read facts related to the Adolescence Education Programme (AEP) which is being implemented in India by the NCERT in collaboration with the UNPFA.

The Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sexuality: On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals. Here is what they are.

HIV and Sexuality: 

Let’s Talk Sexuality: The Post 2015 Development Agenda: What is it?

Science and Sexuality: Feminist Economics

Science and Sexuality: Challenging the Medicalization of Sex

Migration and Sexuality:  Infographic: Migrant domestic workers – Facts everyone should know

Science and Sexuality: Challenging the Medicalization of SexFeminist Economics

Internet and Sexuality: A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity

Accessibility and Sexuality:  The sexual assistance services available to people with disabilities

Freedom and Sexuality: Don’t know where to find good educators? Here’s a list!

Memory and Sexuality: Gaslighting- Here are 4 ways to recognize it in your life

Home and Sexuality: 5 things you should know before using a home pregnancy test kit

Language and Sexuality: Nazariya Guidelines on LGBTQIA Reporting

Wellbeing and Sexuality: 10 Common Myths About Sex and Sexual Health Debunked

Class and Sexuality: Is India suffering from ‘period poverty’?

Diversity and Sexuality:

Public Space and Sexuality: How to Make Our Cities Safer for Women

Choice and Sexuality: Feminism 101: What is Choice Feminism?

Intimacy and Sexuality: The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

Mobility and Sexuality 2 –  Dalit women are brewing their own social revolution

Privacy and Sexuality: What a Right to Privacy Has Meant for Women in the Past, What It’ll Mean in the Future

Young people and sexuality: Myths and facts about Sexuality Education in schools

Young people and sexuality: The Birds and the Bees talk

Law and Sexuality: Understanding Gender: Narratives of Hijras in Bangladesh

Risk and Sexuality: Safer Sex:

Support Systems and Sexuality: Sweekar: The Rainbow Parents

Femininities and Sexuality: Feminism 101: What is the Commodification of Femininity?

Femininities and Sexuality: It’s #ButchAppreciationDay, and this is what butch means to me

Singlehood and Sexuality:It’s time to end the tyranny of coupledom

Ageing and Sexuality: So many gay relationships start in fiery love – in my middle 60s is something else possible?

Ageing and Sexuality: Joan Price answers Qs: Sex, Aging, Vibrators

Data and Sexuality: Deep dive : How the intermediaries rules are anti-democratic and unconstitutional

Representation And Sexuality: FAQ Corner: Dalit women and mental health

Women and Sexuality: Women, Sexuality and the Political Power of Pleasure

The Body and Sexuality: A collection of nostalgic, erotic poetry on body, desire and pleasure from Greek poet C.P. Cavafy (1863-1933).

The Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sexuality: The Arab Spring: The End of Postcolonialism (2012)

Let’s talk Sexuality: 

Fiction and Sexuality: 8 Feminist Science Fiction Books, Because Yes, They Do Exist

Marriage and Sexuality:

Wellbeing and Sexuality:

Choice and Sexuality: To be a mother or not: Are Indian women any closer to having the choice?

Anniversary Issue: A collection of nostalgic, erotic poetry on body, desire and pleasure from Greek poet C.P. Cavafy (1863-1933)

Erotica and Sexuality: Kaamotsav Vol I: Saumin Patel’s Graphic Novel Avoids The Current Trappings Of Indian Erotica

Humor Corner

Family and Sexuality: Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath’s review of Hum Saath Saath Hain, Bollywood’s take on ‘Family values

Relationships and Sexuality:

Humor and Sexuality: 

Science and Sexuality: Clothes: A Butch Stories Comic

Migration and Sexuality:  Humanitarians of Tinder

Attire and Sexuality: Clothes: A Butch Stories Comic

Fantasy and Sexuality: The Really Real Reason Why Women in Fantasy Art Wear Skimpy Outfits

Anniversary Issue: Clothes: A Butch Stories Comic

Media Corner

Let’s Talk Sexuality:

Science and Sexuality: leathered skins, unchained hearts

Attire and Sexuality: Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts: The Girl Rockers of Boswana, Africa

People’s Movement and Sexuality:

Films and Sexuality:  15 Indian movies that famously got banned

Boundaries and Sexuality: The PIX Gender Issue

Boundaries and Sexuality: Short Film by Indian Women

Boundaries and Sexuality: Featured Video: Khujli

Internet and Sexuality: #DigitalHifazat

Communities and Sexuality: Meet Dhee, Bangladesh’s First Lesbian Comic Book Character

Fiction and Sexuality:  Bollywood Corner

Time and Sexuality: In ‘Ask the Sexpert’ documentary, all the questions are about agony uncle Mahinder Watsa

Home and Sexuality: Juice – short film

Language and Sexuality: Language: a feminist guide

Desire and Sexuality: How To Find The Sweet Spot Between Love & Desire

Performance and Sexuality: Comedy for Disability Rights: Changing the World one Laugh at a Time | Nidhi Goyal

Popular Culture and Sexuality: No Screens Attached

Diversity and Sexuality:

Public Space and Sexuality: A Saudi woman who dared to drive | Manal al-Sharif

Intimacy and Sexuality: Meet ‘Intimacy Consultants,’ Who Teach Actors The Right Way To Make Out

Anniversary Issue: Comedy for Disability Rights: Changing the World one Laugh at a Time | Nidhi Goyal | TEDxHRCollege

Tech corner

Internet and Sexuality: Feminist Principles of the Internet

Memory and Sexuality: Technology and the power of memory

Sex and Sexuality: ‘Would robot sex count as infidelity? Technically no…’

Diversity and Sexuality:

Young people and Sexuality: Finding the feminist internet: students respond to the feminist principles on the internet

Support Systems and Sexuality:  Safe and Strong: An LGBTQIA+ guide to Facebook and Instagram


Data and Sexuality: Feminist Principles of the Internet

Legal Corner

Caste and Sexuality:

Time and Sexuality:

Poetry Corner

Home and Sexuality: We Don’t Talk About Boys in Our Home

Desire and Sexuality: The Barakhamba Road/Tolstoy Marg Crossing​

Performance and Sexuality: I Have No Chill | Harnidh Kaur On Dismissing Expectations

Beauty and Sexuality: Swara Bhasker on Beauty Norms | Conceal, Remove, Repeat | The Poetist

Wellness Corner

Power and Sexuality: How To Run A Female Sexual Empowerment Brand In The Post-Weinstein Era

Sex and Sexuality: Why YouTube Videos of People Whispering Are Causing ‘Brain Orgasms’

Erotica and Sexuality: Writing Erotica Was the Surprising Antidote to My Anxiety

The Conference Corner
The Conference Corner will provide monthly updates on the various conferences and events based on sexuality that are happening around the world.

Public Space and Sexuality: Reconference, CREA