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FAQs – April

Does abortion harm future pregnancies?
No. After a safe abortion, a woman may get pregnant as soon as 11 days later if no contraception is used. But an unsafe abortion can result in chronic morbidities such as infertility due to infections, pre term births due to damage to the cervix etc.

Is abortion legal in India?
Yes. The MTP act was passed in 1971 which allows a woman to seek a safe termination of her pregnancy if it is likely to affect her physical and mental health, or if the fetus is abnormal, or the pregnancy has resulted from rape or contraceptive failure.

What is medical abortion?
This is when an abortion is performed using only tablets (Mifepristone and Misoprostol). This can be carried out up to 63 days of pregnancy. This is calculated from the first day of last menstrual period (9 weeks). Approximately 90% of women will have complete medical abortion within 24 hours of using the misoprostol. Women usually know this by passage of fleshy clots and because the flow of bleeding becomes much less.
Now combi packs are available in India which contains both drugs and information leaflet. These are also sold only on a doctor’s prescription.