A digital magazine on sexuality, based in the Global South: We are working towards cultivating safe, inclusive, and self-affirming spaces in which all individuals can express themselves without fear, judgement or shame
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About In Plainspeak:

TARSHI has been working to expand Safe, Inclusive Affirming spaces in the context of gender and sexuality, or SISA spaces, for writers and readers through In Plainspeak, a non-commercial digital magazine on sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in the Global South.

We publish two issues on a theme every month, highlighting how sexuality intersects with various aspects of our daily lives. In Plainspeak issues include a range of written content, including interviews, personal narratives, poetry, as well as, a ‘Visual Corner’ where we share videos, short films, artwork, comics and illustrations relevant to the month’s theme. In Plainspeak’s strength lies in its nuanced and insightful articles, which are categorised under six different sections: Editorial, Issue in Focus, Interview, The ‘I’ Column, Reviews, and Voices. Moreover, we publish 30 Hindi articles (original and/or translated) every year.

What’s notable about In Plainspeak?

In Plainspeak is one of the few magazines that feature content on sexuality from the Global South, specifically, South Asia. We have published articles on more than 70 different monthly themes ranging across Science, Humour, Disability, Law, Sexual and Human Rights, Relationships, Work, Fantasy, Films, and many more, linking them to sexuality.

Among the 300+ (and counting) contributors of In Plainspeak are people working in the social sector, as teachers and educators, writers, filmmakers, activists, feminists, translators, students, and research scholars from universities, individuals and organisations working on issues ranging from sexual and reproductive rights, gender justice to science and technology.

Apart from the Global South, writers have contributed for In Plainspeak from many other parts of the world – Brazil, Germany, Kenya, New Zealand, Palestine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, UK, US, Australia, etc. We have also had contributors from universities like Ashoka University, Christ University, Delhi University, Ambedkar University, Jadavpur University, Jindal University, The Ohio State of University, Towson University, University of Sussex, University of Cambridge, and Yale University.

Why donate?

We have been dedicated in providing accurate, rights-based, pleasure-affirming information on sexuality and SRHR in both English and Hindi by giving free access to research and informative articles on sexuality. The content and information provided to us by the contributors goes through a thorough editing process by the In Plainspeak team. We are also committed to making this information available beyond online spaces and have developed two print ‘digests’ of our articles in Hindi – on the themes of Wellbeing and Sexuality and Family and Sexuality – and are currently in the process of disseminating and developing more such digests. We are also considering other innovative methods of repackaging our content so as to reach a wider audience.

How your donation will support us:

In Plainspeak is a non-commercial online publication, and its community of subscribers and contributors grows every day. Your donation will continue to help us stay independent by supporting us in the following ways:

  • Donations will be used to fund the cost of running the website and the server so that we can remain ad free.
  • The funds will also help us with translations of English content into Hindi, helping us reach many non-English readers with content that is accurate, rights-based, and pleasure-affirming.
  • The donations will further support (as well as encourage) our interns and volunteers who work tirelessly to bring high-quality content for our readers and viewers.
  • It will also help us recover the costs of publishing and distributing our Hindi print digests, and in the repackaging of our content in other innovative ways.
  • And along with helping us create high-quality content, your donations will also help us fulfill our mission of championing the work of emerging and unheralded writers.

How you can donate:

You can donate to In Plainspeak through the Danamojo platform by choosing a category you would like to support us in.

1) Corpus fund – if you donate under this category, you will be supporting translation and the website hosting costs, helping us continue to reach readers without a subscription fee. You will also be supporting the existing team and we will be able to welcome more interns/volunteers who assist in bringing out more high-quality content in the coming years.

2) Reprinting of Hindi Digests – if you donate under this category, you will be supporting the printing costs of our Hindi Digests. You can find our Hindi digest on Wellbeing and Sexuality here.

Hesitant to donate online? We have an offline donation mode available for you.

You can send your donation through cheque payments.

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 NOTE: All donations (through Danamojo or cheque) are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G(5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

On behalf of the TARSHI team, we would like to thank all of you who have supported In Plainspeak in our journey. Because of your support and encouragement, we have been able to ensure that voices and stories on sexuality from diverse communities are accessible worldwide. We hope you continue to support us!

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