A digital magazine on sexuality in the Global South: We are working towards cultivating safe, inclusive, and self-affirming spaces in which all individuals can express themselves without fear, judgement or shame
 In Plainspeak seeks to nurture a safe, inclusive, and positive space to generate awareness and conversation on difficult and sensitive issues around sexuality, and to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights, and wellbeing. 
About the team:

As with everything else in TARSHI, this is a team effort! The editorial team works together to solicit original content, curate material from around the web, translate articles, and collaborate extensively with contributors on refining their pieces.

Meet the team:

Anisha Dutt,  Programme Officer, Online Publication, has a degree in International Studies with a minor in Anthropology and Sociology from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.  Anisha has been involved with In Plainspeak since its inception and her work includes curating, planning and coordinating its bimonthly online issues.

Radhika Chandiramani, founded TARSHI in 1996 and is currently a consultant with us. She trained as a clinical psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS). Her main areas of interest are sexuality and rights. She has co-edited Sexuality, Gender and Rights: Exploring Theory and Practice in South and Southeast Asia (Sage, 2005) and written Good Times for Everyone: Sexuality Questions, Feminist Answers (Women Unlimited, 2008).

Shikha Aleya is also a consultant with TARSHI, partner at Caregivers Link, and consultant with the Bapu Trust for Research on Mind and Discourse, focusing on health, disability, gender and rights issues. A post-graduate from XLRI, graduated from Hindu college, Delhi University.

Special thanks:

Shweta Krishnan who was an integral part of the magazine team for close to two years since its inception in this form, and was instrumental in getting us to even think we could run it!

Shaifali Agrawal for her invaluable volunteer support to the magazine team for several months from March 2016.

Aindrila Chaudhuri for her contribution from November 2014 to March 2015.

Anjora Sarangi for her invaluable volunteer support to the magazine team for several months from October 2016.

Sonali Udaybabu who was the Programme Associate, Communications from 2015 – July 2017.

Rohini Banerjee who was the Programme Associate, Communications from 2018 – April 2020.

Anjali Hans who was the Programme Associate, Online Communications from July 2020 – Aug 2021.

Dipika Srivastava who was Programme Manager at TARSHI helped us develop Hindi content for the E-Mag. 

Technical support: 

Vinita SaxenaReal Time Consultants 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have at blogeditor@tarshi.net.