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Brushstrokes: Queering the Map

How can we envision a queer approach that counters exclusionary practices? Queering the Map, launched in 2017 by Canadian designer and architect Lucas LaRochelle, is a community-generated mapping project that digitally archives queer narratives in relation to physical spaces. Click on the location pins – you can zoom in and out, and also drag the…
A black-and-white line drawing of a woman with wavy hair, multiple necklaces including one with a beetle pendant, earrings in the shape of a dice. There are stars on her face, and the only colour in the artwork is in the woman’s eyelids, which have been conceptualised as rainbows.

Brushstrokes – Scribbles

Scribbles: an Escape From the Mundane is a product of my thoughts and emotions when I was struggling to understand my sexuality and grappling with the idea of identifying with the spectrum of gender and sexuality outside the binary, but not being able to put a label on it.

Brushstrokes – Celebrating Sexuality

Taboos in relation to female desire, sexuality and the body are often addressed in my work. My recent artistic interest focuses on rituals that are primarily centred on agricultural communities in Bengal that involve the veneration of fertility symbols and celebration of feminine sexuality.

Brushstrokes: Who We’re Leaving Out of Sex Positivity – And How to Make It More Inclusive

This post was originally published here. While sex-positive spaces affirm our right to pleasurable sexuality, they might leave out experiences which are not-so-good or complicated. Our experiences of sexuality are unique to our socio-political and economic location, disability status, gender identity and sexual orientation, and so on. Everyday Feminism’s comic illustrates the complexity and diversity…
Graphic of a person at an office desk. The person is reclining on a chair with hands behind their head and looks relaxed. There is a mug of warm beverage, a desktop, a keyboard and a mouse on the table. On the upper left corner is the title of the graphic story that reads “The First Move…” Right below with is the credits to the writer and illustrator, Priya Dali and text reads “Written and illustrated by Priya Dali”. Below it is another line of text - “#QUEERINGWITHTINDER”.

Graphic Story: The First Move

This short and cute graphic story by Priya Dali, published by Gaysi in collaboration with Tinder, captures the playful initial stages of online dating as Maya tries to make the first move on Rae with the help of colleagues.

Brushstrokes: Labour and Sexuality: 12+ Ways Job Applications Discriminate Against Applicants

Orginal link: https://everydayfeminism.com/2017/07/jobs-discriminate-applicants/   Leave aside being able to get and retain a job, sometimes even being considered for one can be a matter of privilege. This comic from Everyday Feminism shows how it’s not only factors like gender, disability, or place of residence, but many other less ‘obvious’ ones that could lead to one…