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A Trip To Delhi: Women Reclaiming Freedom Of Movement & Space

This post was originally posted here. By Sheelalipi Sahana January 29, 2021 — In 1932, four Urdu writers caused a furore with their publication of Angaarey (Burning Coals), a collection of short stories and plays. This served as the manifesto inaugurating the Progressive Writers Movement and harkening a ban on the anthology on the grounds…


This post was originally posted here. By Njeri Gateru November 9, 2017 — “Do you remember the first time you used the internet?” someone asked at the APC Making a Feminist Internet gathering in Malaysia this October. I do not. Nevertheless, I do remember being fascinated by the word GOOGLE. I rolled it around my…


This post was originally posted here. By A. Salman May 27, 2021 — “I really lack the imagining of a virtual world that feels safe to me,” says Nofil*, a queer-identifying Twitter user currently studying abroad, whose identity has been pseudonymised to protect identity. In Nofil’s Twitter-world, the rainbow flag flits in and out of…

Place and Gender: Towards Feminist and Inclusive Cities

This post was originally posted here. By Nivea Jain September 30, 2021 — While the social dimensions of gender inequality are well documented and analyzed, its spatial dimension, i.e., how gender inequality shapes our physical spaces, remains largely unexplored. The generations of patriarchal and misogynistic outlook about gender and gender roles that have conditioned women…
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How We Reimagine and Redefine Freedoms

Every part of life, the world too, is storied. Stories are the thread that hold histories and truths together. Stories are at the core of myth-making. Everything that we know is part of multiple crisscrossing relational storylines that we raise and those that we have no power in raising.
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The Loves of Others

Both rejections and affirmations of the couple are skewered on this doubleness: It is the fullest expression of love and proximity available to us, and it bears all the insufficiencies of present social relations. Monogamous romantic commitment, like infallible lifelong attraction to only men or only women, is surely a minority tendency expediently elevated to a general social principle.