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Editorial: Ageing and Sexuality

Ageing is often associated with a loss, a lack of ability and strength. When combined with sexuality, in the popular imagination, fed especially by market forces, youth is to be lauded and ageing regarded as the impending horror that must be evaded for as long as possible.
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 Age no bar

While the idea of older adults and sex is a taboo in itself, the idea of older adults exploring their sexuality, by engaging in same-sex relationships, or by experimenting with the way the look, or by becoming more sexually active, causes even greater discomfort.

उम्मीद न छोड़ें? उम्र के बढ़ने और उम्र संबंधित पक्षपात की ओर भारतीय क्वीयर आंदोलनों का रवैया 

पवन ढल    सैद्धांतिक रूप से यौनिकता को अक्सर पूरी तरह से परिवर्तनशील बता कर परिभाषित किया जाता रहा है। इसका अर्थ यह हुआ कि अलग-अलग समय में एक ही…

Making the most of our lives

I realised that we are constantly thinking about the future and our life as we age, and are afraid of facing the world alone. The uncertainty of future events, of which there are many combinations, makes us feel insecure and vulnerable.