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Graphic of a person at an office desk. The person is reclining on a chair with hands behind their head and looks relaxed. There is a mug of warm beverage, a desktop, a keyboard and a mouse on the table. On the upper left corner is the title of the graphic story that reads “The First Move…” Right below with is the credits to the writer and illustrator, Priya Dali and text reads “Written and illustrated by Priya Dali”. Below it is another line of text - “#QUEERINGWITHTINDER”.
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Graphic Story: The First Move

This graphic story was originally published in Gaysi in collaboration with Tinder. 

Breaking the ice during online dating can often be a nerve-wracking task. After all, one is trying to grab the attention of a stranger. Do you send a simple “hello,” a funny question, or a flirty compliment to start the conversation? This short and cute graphic story by Priya Dali, published by Gaysi in collaboration with Tinder, captures the playful initial stages of online dating as Maya tries to make the first move on Rae with the help of colleagues.

Reposted with permission.

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