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Brushstrokes: Body in Sexuality


Body is born, as a collection of many parts, into the various collections of bodies. Different combinations or collections are projected on to various historical, spatial and temporal dimensions, out of our needs, desires and capabilities. Senses and spaces are tied in a way that the experience of the body is premised over their entanglement. Experience is an intrinsic combination of senses, encapsulated in social (de)formations, played out through/in spaces.

The illustrations try to express the constraints of the body, and the possibilities of (a) transcending the common senses of the body, and (b) becoming conscious of the potential for revolution and overcoming the body – the body in sexuality, entwined in the power network with land, labour, state, capital, gender, sex, digital technology, caste, race, language, religion, machines, love and many more patterns and rhythms of (for) domination, subjugation, simplification and living.

Being in the World, Digital
Enmeshed, Digital
Entangled, Digital
Body of Care, Pen & Pencil
Sky Dream, Digital
Them, Digital