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Reclining Vulnerability

Through multiple maquettes, I finally came across (since I myself did not know what the result of the form or figure would be) the Reclining Lady. She represents confident femininity and vulnerability. The feeling one has after taking a bath and sitting in the nude, drying oneself in unabashed nakedness.

Interview – Indu Harikumar

I was watching something recently that said it was a bad thing to be vulnerable, but I don’t think it is a bad thing. I do see that there is a certain amount of power in vulnerability, it also needs courage, in my experience.
Image of two colourful bubbles

Editorial: Sexuality and Pleasure

Fragile and fleeting like soap bubbles, pleasure shines with many colours. But its iridescence is frightening for many. Perhaps because its colours change in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways, and though fragile and fleeting, it is a world in itself
image from the photoseries 'Body' by Veer Mishra

Brushstrokes: Body

“Every type of body is beautiful, and more importantly every type of body is different,” says artist Veer Mishra while describing Body, his series of illustrations. This ‘difference’ is the essence of what he tries to portray through his art.
Illustration of a naked woman in a bathtub, her menstrual blood visible in the water she's taking a bath in

Brushstrokes: #100DaysofLaundry

But what about the “moments we don’t Instagram”? What about the uglier parts of our physical lived realities? What about the parts of our body, our identities, our sexuality we don’t perform on social media, but are still an intrinsic part of who we are?
A brightly coloured abstract painting consisting of painbrush lines going in all directions.

Poem of desire and (dis)ability

they say my body is broken they look at me with pity but little do they know when i scream your name and writhe in pleasure my body serves me well   they have labels for me and words like access and care are bandied about but do they know how we fit and how…
Pencil drawing of a naked woman. Her legs are spread apart, and she is having an orgasm. Screen reader support enabled. Pencil drawing of a naked woman. Her legs are spread apart, and she is having an orgasm.

How To Make Me Come

This piece won’t write itself as an opinion piece or a review of experiences that happened or were bound to happen. Neither does it intend to chain itself within a specific notion of what it entails when love and sexuality intermingle. Rather it resonates more as a long interior monologue that tries to pen down…
Book cover with white background. Line drawing of a woman from waist to thighs, naked. On top is written the author's name in black "Emily Nayoski". Below it in red in cursive is written, "COME as you are".

Book Review: Come As You Are

You should venture to read Emily Nagoski’s book, Come As You Are in public. Not because you want to make your sex life public, but because the cover with the outline of a naked woman’s body makes a powerful statement. It says you don’t care much for patriarchal notions of shame. (And it will honestly…
Abstract drawng of a distorted face painted in blue and yellow

The Editorial: Body and Sexuality

In one sense, the body is what I immediately am. In another sense, I am separated from it by the infinite density of the world. Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness. The body has never had one meaning throughout human history. In ways that we choose to examine it, classify it, embellish it, play with it…