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A special tribute to Janette Sunita

Janette Sunita, Director Operations at TARSHI suddenly passed away on June 1, 2018. Feisty, formidable, compassionate and loving, Janette may never have called herself a feminist but she was one in act and deed. Her intolerance of injustice and fierce commitment to stand up for all people’s rights led her to work at TARSHI for more than 15 years. Janette ably managed and led the finance, human resources and operations aspects of TARSHI, thereby allowing us to focus on our work on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health and rights. She stood watch so we could steer well in open waters.  A woman of many talents, Janette not only helped us procure our own office space but also designed it for optimal usage. She was sometimes horrified by our lunchtime conversations and what she called our ‘dirty minds’, but was quite capable of occasionally shocking us with her own wicked humour! Janette loved travel and animals and was interested in animal assisted therapy. One of her lifelong dreams came true several years ago when she visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Here’s to you, Janette, you lived, laughed and loved well! We celebrate you!