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Tech Corner: July 2015

Vibrating, Bluetooth-enabled, custom-fit and applicator friendly? Yep, the condom game has changed.

The latest in condom innovations is the VA w.o.w. Condom Feminine, a latex female condom that comes equipped with a miniaturized bullet vibrator in its frame base. Sitting snugly against the clitoris, the vibrating condom, created by IXu, would be the first-ever condom designed with both women’s safety and pleasure in mind.

Sound a little sci-fi? It’s just one of the many industrious takes on the condom underway as the focus on contraception turns to enhancing pleasure. From creations like foldable condoms to $100,000 grants for condom innovation by the Gates Foundation, we’re finally rejecting the status quo in favor of condoms that take advantage of technology — and feel really, really good.

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