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TARSHI’s Corner: October 2014


Sexuality Questions, Feminist Answers

In this age and time, when newspapers and magazines are flooded with questions around sexuality in the Agony Aunt sections, here we have Radhika Chandiramani’s book – Good Times for Everyone, a compilation of questions and answers on the most commonly experienced sexuality-related concerns.

Book | 2008 | Radhika Chandiramani | Women Unlimited

Based on the author’s popular column, ‘Midlife Crisis’ in The Asian Age, it covers all ages, situations and conditions, and believes firmly that everyone has a right to self-affirming and enjoyable sexuality. Tempered with compassion and humour, it is a resource for people who are looking for information, but don’t know where to start, for those who are confused about what they already know, those who are about to begin their sexual lives, those who might be bored with theirs, those wanting to know how to have safer sex, as well as those simply wanting to know more.

Based on the most current and accurate information available to date, you can read it for fun or for knowledge, or give it as a gift to friends, lovers, family, colleagues or students.

Cost: Rs. 200/- Contact us to purchase a copy of the book.