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Innovations Corner – August 2014

A Menstrual Kit for Visually Impaired Girls

If you thought periods were one of those difficult days of the month for a girl or a woman, think of a visually impaired girl who has to manage her periods every month. Realising that menstruation is still such a taboo subject in Indian society along with the many restrictions which a girl has to face due to age – old myths, Sadhvi Thukral, a Delhi based designer decided to work in the field of providing information about menstruation. During her research, while studying at the Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi, Sadhvi found that there weren’t many sources of information available for visually impaired girls and therefore decided to work in this area.

She designed a kit which could serve as library material and would be made available at Institutions specialized in the teaching and training of visual impaired girls. Read more about this kit!