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What is the connection between gender, sex and the Internet?

How important is the Internet for activists in their work of advancing gender rights and sexual rights?

Why is the first step in limiting access to information and communication online regularly linked to regulating pornography?

What are the security and privacy risks that gender rights and sexual rights activists face online, and how can we better defend ourselves and our right to use this space?

EroTICs explores some of the connections and questions raised above.

Short for “Exploratory Research on ICTs and Sexuality”, EroTICs is a multi-phase project of the Association for Progressive Communications. (ICT is spelt TIC in EroTICs as per the Spanish term ‘tecnología de información y comunicación’.) Point of View is the India partner of EroTICs.

Find everything you want to know about the project on their fascinating website.

Cover image courtesy: APC