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A screenshot of Feminism in India's video How Can Women & Non-Binary People Combat Online Violence? In the middle is Japleen Pasricha, the founder of Feminism in India. She is wearing a grey-black full-sleeved shirt and her eyes are closed. She has deep brown hair reaching under her shoulders on both sides. Behind her is a wooden cupboard stacked with books, and a poster in blue with a woman holding a sign saying 'SMASH BRAHMINICAL PATRIARCHY'. On her left is an illustration that says, in pink, VOYEURISM and above it, an illustration with white circles on black to denote binoculars and a woman's silhouette at the centre. At the bottom of the screenshot are the subtitles: "(a)nd voyeurism, where someone records you in your private moments without your consent."
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Video: How Can Women & Non-Binary People Combat Online Violence?

Our online world, we often find, is no different from our world offline, as the biases, marginalisations, and violence endemic in our socio-political and cultural milieu wriggle their way into our screens. As a result we might find ourselves feeling stuck and confused when faced with online violence and/or harassment. To equip us to better navigate our experiences online, Japleen Pasricha, founder of Feminism in India, lays bare the violence women, LGBTQIA+ folks, and historically marginalised communities face in online spaces, ranging from identity theft, bullying, trolling, to having our private photographs and details disseminated without our consent and being blackmailed. In this informative and easy-to-follow video, she offers us a handy and practical guide on tackling online violence, and building safe and inclusive virtual spaces.


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