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Author: Feminism in India

A screenshot of the Feminism in India illustration for the article. An illustration. On a green background which denotes a building, two women talking. One is wearing a yellow dress and has black hair tied in a bun. She is saying, depicted in a black bubble with white lettering, '10 MINUTES LATE BOOKING CANCEL' and on the other side is a woman in an olive top and a brown backpack. Her hair is in a ponytail and she is looking at the other woman with a white phone in her hand. Underneath, in white typography, 'The Struggle of Beauty Workers In On-Demand Digital Platforms'. On the top-left corner is Feminism in India's logo.

The Struggle Of Beauty Workers In On-Demand Digital Platform

If you live in an urban metropolitan city, you must have seen women dressed up in company uniform, carrying a heavy bag on their shoulders, their attire shouting a brand name with logos all over her. Their bodies become an advertising ground for a company’s marketing. Sometimes, the bag is a portable salon that they carry to their client’s (home), who book the beauty service using a mobile application. These ‘workers’ enroll themselves on the platform company that operates as an intermediary, to get bookings on-demand.

जेंडर के ढाँचे से जूझता मेरा बचपन

यह लेख मूल रूप में फेमिनिज्म इन इंडिया में प्रकाशित हुआ था। शशांक मैं बचपन से ही बहुत ही नटखट, चुलबुला और थोड़ा अलग बच्चा था| मेरी माँ फिल्मों और गानों की बहुत शौक़ीन थी| माँ के दुपट्टे की साड़ी पहनना, नाचना-गाना, मेरे बचपन के खेल थे| कभी मेरे दादा तो कभी कोई पड़ोस की…
Desire and Sexuality: Symbol of the Tinder app (shaped in the form of a white candle flame against a red background) and the words "no fats". "no asians", "no blacks", "no asians" written on it.

Of Tinder, Sex And Colonial Hangovers – Is Desire Political?

The point is not to lay the blame on women or assign them responsibility for patriarchy. It is to encourage a deeper introspection of our desires. My first boyfriend, whom I got to know in 2010, was in the habit of asking me (and other women he had previously dated) whether he could kiss me, before doing so. Every time any sexual activity was involved he would always ask beforehand and continuously check in if I was comfortable throughout.

पीरियड का चिट्ठा ‘कुछ आप बीती कुछ जग बीती’

इना गोयल मेरी किशोरावस्था के दिनों में माहवारी के दौरान, मेरी नानी ने कभी मुझे रसोईघर में नहीं जाने दिया। माहवारी के तीसरे दिन वह मेरे बाल बहुत ही धार्मिक रूप से धोया करती थीं। इसके बारे में उनका कहना था कि इससे सिर से लेकर पांव तक मेरे शरीर की सारी अपवित्रता धुल जाएगी।…