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A set of two photographs, on the left a coloured photograph of a woman hanging from a tree with orange flowers, on the right a black and white photograph of a woman looking at her left eye in a hand-held mirror and applying make-up.
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Brushstrokes: Women At Leisure: Photo Essay On Pastime As A Feminist Issue

Inspired to collect photographs of women spending time by themselves and for themselves after a conversation with her mother’s friend, Surabhi Yadav began the project, Women at Leisure. Leisure is feminist in its defiance of hetero-patriarchal claims to women’s time as caregivers, and in carving out a space for delight and abundance outside of capitalist precepts around productivity. Surabhi’s photographs depict women playing with one another, atop trees, bicycling, reading, napping … and bring out stories of individuality and freedom, of happiness and hope, and of the subversive power of leisure.


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