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A digital illustration of networks, with many white lines criss-crossing, intersecting, and branching out across a grey-blue background. Wherever the lines intersect in the web of networks is a small white dot.

Editorial: Data and Sexuality

While we are struggling with the vicissitudes brought on by the pandemic we are also forced to spend more time online, to look for resources in terms of health care or caregivers, to reach out to people and build a communities of care, to take a break, or to try and hook-up online for a while.
'trolls' from norse mythology

Sense and Sensibility

As Sontag points out, camp is a mode of enjoyment, not judgment. It is intrinsically generous, and is a form of love for human nature, it relishes the awkward intensities of character. Central to camp is a tenderness of feeling and love that has gone into certain objects and personal styles.