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Young People

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Editorial: Privacy and Sexuality

In our mid-month issue, we have Mamatha Karollil writing about how she asserted herself after an incident of privacy violation when a nude picture of herself was seen by someone from work without her consent, and how ripping through, or not getting into, the cocoon of shame and dishonour, can prevent much distress...
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Issue In Focus: Privacy and Peer Relationships

If students of such young ages can have the agency to work around hard-wired issues of sexuality and privacy, bearing in mind consent, choice and failure as part of life, we see no reason for this sense of agency to not expand one’s sense of belonging and easily create change.
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Keeping It All Secret

In a society that restricts one’s expression of sexuality and perpetuates patriarchal gender norms, there is little room offered for open exploration. With no Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools and no conversation about sexuality with parents, children are ill-equipped to navigate their puberty as adolescents, and dating and relationships as young adults.
अपने कंप्यूटर और फोन के माध्यम से ऑनलाइन स्थानों का अनुभव करने वाले एक व्यक्ति की छवि जिसमे उसके बाएं हाथ में एक स्मार्ट फ़ोन है, सामने मेज पर एक लैपटॉप और एक स्मरण पुस्तक रखी है

Class and Sexuality: The Transformative Potential of Online Spaces

In unpacking class as a social category through the lens of young people accessing SRHR content via an infoline it is possible to conclude that broader reach of sexuality content does enable those who are otherwise limited by material and structural constraints to develop a more expansive and informed worldview about sexuality
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Open Letter to Parents-Who-Are-Katti-With-The-Daughter-Mumbai-Police-Illegally-Harassed

Dear Parents-of-the-Young-Woman-Picked-Up-By-Moral-Mumbai-Police, I write this as a citizen, outraged by the actions of the Mumbai Police in picking up consenting adults from private hotel rooms. I write this as someone who feels strongly that last week forty couples became the victims of misplaced morality policing. I write this as someone who sympathises strongly with the…
एक लड़की के चेहरे की तस्वीर है। लड़की का रंग गेंहुआ है, नाक में नथनी पहनी है, बिंदी लगायी है, आँखों में काजल, कानो में झुमके और बाल थोड़े बिखरे हुए है और कुछ चेहरे पर आ रहे है |

Silencing love: Negotiating Sexuality In School Life

My experience of school, as I remember it, was quite conflicted. As a child I lacked the vocabulary to describe my experience and perhaps enjoyed school life to an extent. But as I reflect on my experiences now, the everyday violence that is inflicted by teachers and students in the garb of the greater good…