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illustration of a distorted face, painted in pinks and yellows

Media and the Power of Responsible Representation

It is the winter of 2013, and my father and I are sitting at an awkward distance from each other on the living room couch, our eyes trained on the television set as a popular prime time news debate discusses a subject we have never before talked to each other about – homosexuality. It is only a few days since Section 377 has been reinstated by the Supreme Court, and the television and print media bombards us with discussion after discussion on ‘alternate’ sexualities and LGBTQ rights.
A photo of a woman standing in the middle of a green meadow, leaning against a brown tree bark. She has shoulder length black hair and is wearing a light blue kurta

That Hashtag Was My Colleague

By Sonia Khan | Grist Media – Mon 18 Aug, 2014 Doubting doctors, corrupt cops, jeering lawyers and, of course, mercenary reporters. A middle class woman gang raped in the heart of Mumbai makes for a perfect storm of anxiety and righteousness. But what if the rape survivor is also a journalist? A year after…
A still from the film "Apur Sansar" showing a woman who's looking downwards. She's wearing a saree and her aanchal is draped around her head.

‘Popular Stereotyping’

Time and again, our films underline the supremacy of man. Modernity is reduced to a matter of packaging. A modern woman is defined by her westernized attire. She looks modern but when it comes to making informed choices, she chooses the conventional. Sharmila Tagore Full text of the 19th Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture —Representation…
Picture of film scholar Shohini Ghosh. She's dressed in a red shirt, has white hair, and is sitting in front of a table full of food.

Discourse of desire

By: Nupur Sharma The Hindu. Shohini Ghosh at Lodhi Garden Restaurant, New Delhi. Photo: V.V. Krishnan Over a hearty meal, film scholar Shohini Ghosh dwells on the intersection between cinema and sexuality With her eclectic body of work on media theory and practice, Shohini Ghosh promised to be a most agreeable luncheon date. One knew she'd…
Picture of Anshul Tewari, the founder of Youth Ki Awaaz. He's wearing a black shirt and dark rimmed glasses

How the popular media fails representation of women

Being a journalism student once, and having a network of seniors and batch mates who came from a journalism background, we got to hear a lot about how the world of journalism really is. I still clearly remember how one of my friends at college explained a brief incident that happened with her at one…
A rough illustration of the human brain

Interview: Gender And Popular Science

Popular science stories can be exciting, educative and a lot of fun to read. But sometimes we come across that erratic story which reinforces gender stereotypes while trying to explore the biology of the male and female body. One example would be the study published in the Guardian in December 2013, which quoted the principal…
Painting depicting a woman with a television set in place of her reproductive organs who is also watching a television

Media and Sexuality

    The painting depicts a woman with a television set in place of her reproductive organs who is also watching a television. In terms of sexuality and the media, the painting tries to highlight the fact that a woman’s vagina is used as a form of entertainment, and this same entertaining ‘content’ is being…