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Painting depicting a woman with a television set in place of her reproductive organs who is also watching a television
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Media and Sexuality

Brushstrokes_Sakshi Bhatia



The painting depicts a woman with a television set in place of her reproductive organs who is also watching a television. In terms of sexuality and the media, the painting tries to highlight the fact that a woman’s vagina is used as a form of entertainment, and this same entertaining ‘content’ is being consumed and accepted by the woman. Which is the confusing reality of our media.

She is in the nude,depicting her natural form, but this nudity is not meant to titillate, it is meant to highlight the difference between the sexualized images of ourselves as opposed to our natural form. On the upper left corner the figure in the yellow bubble highlights the higher self witnessing this woman’s activities. And the egg on the top signifies, birth, or rebirth of ideas and thought. The background has circles that look like bubbles to signify the bubbles we live in, in order to go about our daily lives.

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A freelance artist and a film professional she is currently in Delhi pursuing Fine Arts. After dropping out from Delhi University, she went on to assist imminent film directors such as Anusha Rizvi (Peepli Live), Deepa Mehta (Midnight’s Children) and Kiran Rao (Dhobi Ghat) amongst various others. In the last couple of years she has edited two short films one of which was awarded The Best Short Film Prize in New York (Good Morning, SAIFF 2011) and another that gained theatrical release in India (The Last Act, 2012).