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A collage showing how the ideal body type has evolved over time
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Brushstrokes: Body Image

We want what we see,

And imitate the girls on TV,

and we get over-awed,

by an IMAGE, that is flawed,

a distortion that’s a ruse,

to make us bleed and bruise

and spend lots of money.

For a ‘perfection’, that distracts us

abuses and retracts us

from the body that is ours,

not the Barbie’s,

not the star’s.

So let’s rebel against this disease

of being unhappy and displeased.

And forget our imagined flaws,

break the rules, change the laws.

And appreciate our own beauty,

and make it our solemn duty

to not trust this distorted mirror

of society

for which enough is never enough.


Article written by:

A freelance artist and a film professional she is currently in Delhi pursuing Fine Arts. After dropping out from Delhi University, she went on to assist imminent film directors such as Anusha Rizvi (Peepli Live), Deepa Mehta (Midnight’s Children) and Kiran Rao (Dhobi Ghat) amongst various others. In the last couple of years she has edited two short films one of which was awarded The Best Short Film Prize in New York (Good Morning, SAIFF 2011) and another that gained theatrical release in India (The Last Act, 2012).