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An illustration of stage-curtains in bright color.

Acting Like Myself

In this month’s issue of Play and Sexuality, Wesley D’Souza recounts the time his school put up a production of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, his preparations for its audition, and how the process was intertwined with an exploration and acceptance of his sexuality.
disability rights activist jeeja ghosh with her husband and daughter

Interview: Jeeja Ghosh

Jeeja Ghosh is a disability rights researcher and activist, feminist, parent, writer, scholar and trainer. Her lived experience of disability, and of standing up against discrimination and injustice, is at the core of her work and insights. Shikha Aleya interviews Jeeja about mobility across divides other than the physical.
Photo of performance artist and theatre personality Maya Krishna Rao. She is wearing black and her left hand raised in a dramatic pose. She has long white hair and there is a red bindi on her forehead.

Art & Activism

Some propositions:  Nothing ‘activates’ like art. (I’ll speak here of theatre). It can touch, stir the senses, the head, the heart, the body, our spirit, our ‘social self’, if you like- all together. It takes just one deeply felt action, sourced from a significant human experience, striking through the air, with beauty, to rouse an…
Picture of Maya Krishna Rao, seated in a couch with a cushion beside her. She has white hair and rimless glasses, her hands are spread out, almost like she is in the middle of explaining something.

Interview: Maya Rao

In February 2014, Jasmine George from TARSHI interviewed Maya Rao, a performing artist and a professor currently teaching in Shiv Nadar University, for the March issue of the blog. During our interaction with her, she shared with us her journey as a performing artist and her experiences with young people addressing issues related to gender and sexuality.…