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Picture of Maya Krishna Rao, seated in a couch with a cushion beside her. She has white hair and rimless glasses, her hands are spread out, almost like she is in the middle of explaining something.

Interview: Maya Rao

In February 2014, Jasmine George from TARSHI interviewed Maya Rao, a performing artist and a professor currently teaching in Shiv Nadar University, for the March issue of the blog.

During our interaction with her, she shared with us her journey as a performing artist and her experiences with young people addressing issues related to gender and sexuality. Her recent piece ‘The Walk’ has found a place within the feminist movement and resonance with people from all walks of life post the December 2012 brutal gang-rape and murder of the 23 year old student. For Maya, art as a medium is a very cathartic experience.

Article written by:

Jasmine Lovely George is a feminist activist and an independent researcher working on issues of Sexuality and Law in India. She is also the founder of "Hidden Pockets" - a mapping project on sexuality and spaces.