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Safe Abortion

A poster for abortion rights in Nepal, showing a woman sitting with her legs pulled close to her chest. There is abortion-related information written beside her in hindi.

Safe Abortion In Nepal

Whenever I represent Nepal as a youth delegate in any conference or workshop, I always share the great achievement Nepal’s government made in women’s health, i.e. legalising abortion. For many years, women in Nepal had experienced strictest abortion laws in the world.
Photo of a candlelight vigil, showing a gathering of people coming together to write the name 'Savita' using candles

Making Abortion Safer

India has a very liberal abortion law on paper. Compared with global standards, the Indian law that governs abortions, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, allows for abortion for a broad range of indications, making it a very progressive law that has been around for more than four decades. But how many of us really know this?

The Editorial: Safe Abortion

This month we bring a range of contributions on the issue of Safe Abortion from activists working at the grassroots for the sexual and reproductive rights of women to have access to safe abortion.