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Safe Abortion Now

A woman holding up a placard which talking about why abortion should be legal in Indonesia

The image above is a virtual mural photo as a contribution  to the  Global Action 28 September Campaign 2013, conducted by the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights.


Safe Abortion, Now !*
Safe Abortion, Now!*

Photo by: Maria Listuhayu Prajna Pratita

Stencil art on the streets of Yogyakarta to voice rights to safe abortion for women in Indonesia. This photo was taken in September 2013.

During  abortion, women are put in difficult situations and the procedure is done without any safety and health standard methods, and they do not take into consideration risks to women’s health. We should know that a woman’s life could be in danger when experiencing unwanted pregnancy without access to safe abortion and legal abortion. Back alley abortions are dirty, life threatening, and dangerous!

*Message in this art stencil