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From Unwanted Pregnancy to Safe Abortion

Illustration of a woman inside her house, door half-shut, while four more women of various ages stand outside.

According to the WHO, unsafe abortions cause 47,000 deaths every year. They also cause complications that affect the lives and families of millions of women worldwide. Statistics show that there are over 10.8 million unsafe abortions across Asia every year, and 2 out of 5 of these affect women under the age of 25.

‘From Unwanted Pregnancies To Safe Abortion’ evolved from the need to discuss these barriers, and to show that the affected women are not mere numbers. Stigma and stringent laws make it extremely hard for women to tell their stories on camera, and so the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership team resorted to animation to highlight legal and social barriers to safe abortion.

The film also addresses the most often offered counter argument about contraception use being the solution by highlighting the fact that 27 million pregnancies occur worldwide among women who are actually using contraception! For many of these women the pregnancies are likely to be unwanted and they should have access to a safe abortion.

This film hopes to create a platform for conversations that will help women exercise one of their most basic reproductive rights.