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A woman from Sri Lanka holding up a placard which has information on why abortion should be legal
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Campaign for Safe Abortion in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, abortion is only permitted in cases where pregnancy or childbirth is life-threatening for the woman. Nevertheless the number of reported daily abortions taking place in Sri Lanka is more than 750. It is legally restricted for a woman to have an abortion even in circumstances such as rape and incest. This causes women to seek abortions that are unsafe and not done by professionals or in proper health care settings . The groups of women who are most affected and vulnerable are poor women, young women, rural women and they are the main victims of unsafe abortion.

There is no comprehensive sexuality education in the country and from our experience of working with young people and through research we have realized that especially young women have no accurate information or easy access to contraceptives or services.

These photographs are a part of an online campaign, where any interested party could share their thoughts and ideas about why they support safe and legal abortion. Many pictures with great slogans and thoughts were sent to us in several languages from several countries. This is an ongoing campaign so if anyone is interested in contributing they can simply take a picture with their views and share it with us.

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A passionate activist in the sexual and reproductive health and rights field with a special focus on gender, she is a part of Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, as advocacy and development are two areas she is very interested in. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in Sri Lanka and is currently reading for her Masters in Gender and Development at the University of Melbourne.