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Fiction and Sexuality

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The Editorial: Fiction and Sexuality

For many of us, it was fiction that fed our souls as children, and now as adults who are still ‘growing up’, it feeds us still. Fiction makes, remakes and unmakes us who walk in worlds of the imagination. It liberates us to dream various versions of ourselves and others into being as the articles in this month’s In Plainspeak eloquently reveal.
Painting of Saadat Hassan Manto looking anxious, with something in Urdu written in background.

5 Urdu Stories That Explore The Plight Of Women In Marriages

All these stories are examples of courage and hold great significance in the development of the Urdu story and for bringing to our notice the misery of the average Indian woman. A new era of Urdu stories has taken birth that not only acknowledges the issues of women inside and outside of house, but also openly deals with ‘immodest’ and ‘indecent’ themes such as sexuality.
Black-and-white photo of saree-clad writer Amrita Pritam, holding a pen by her cheek thinking something.

Amrita Pritam: Not Just A Poet, But Revolution Personified | #IndianWomenInHistory

Amrita Pritam’s legacy for women and subsequent generations is to intentionally challenge status quo, trying to use art to challenge accepted taboos and redefine them. Be fearless, unabashed and courageous in the face of crude censorship and charges of obscenity, of raising and using your voice to speak as you see the world – not in the manner that the world expects you to speak.
Drawing of a woman plucking a red apple from a tree. The red colour stand out as everything else - she, trees, other apples on the tree are filled-in with black colour.


“In fact, if you look at all these lady-heroines, it’s the same tedious tale again and again: the grand prize of a girl’s existence is shown to be her marriage to a wealthy and powerful man.”
Headshot of Amrita Pritam. A few lines in Hindi are written in light white over the picture.

एक थी अमृता प्रीतम: पंजाबी की पहली लेखिका

“हम आधुनिक हैं। पढ़े-लिखे हैं, किसी भी मुद्दे पर बात करने में हमें हिचक नहीं होती है ” यह बड़ा ही आम विचार है, जो मौजूदा समय में हमारे, आपके या यूं कहें कि जमाने के साथ कदम-से-कदम मिला कर चलने वाले हर शख्स के जेहन में रहता है, लेकिन जब बात हो अपनी जिंदगी की,…
Still from an animated video with two small boys sitting by a tree, looking wide-eyed with love at each other.

Video Page: In A Heartbeat

In the short animated film In A Heartbeat, a young man is quite literally torn between his heart and his mind when he develops feelings for one of his male classmates. The film has garnered praise worldwide for its honest portrayal of the internal struggle that many queer people go through from a young age,…
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Issue in Focus: “Is that Book Feminist?”

Fiction is a realm within which we can imagine the limitlessness of our feminist realities. By censoring fiction itself in an anxiety to perform what we understand as feminism, is to censor our imaginations, its subtle negotiations with reality and its potential in generating desires and dreams we hardly knew of. Does this mean we don’t critique books and movies? Definitely not! Critique is fun. Critique is important. Critique is how we grow. But the judgement needs to stop.