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Sex Toys

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Expanding contexts give the word ‘movement’ different meanings and value. Physical, conceptual, technological, relationship, emotional, mental, power, knowledge, ability, access, may be amongst the contexts immediately identified.
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A class on porn, anyone?

It’s technology that has allowed me, amidst the lockdown, to connect with so many people and I dare say, sext and share photos. It’s technology that has allowed me and many others access to things like porn, fetish websites, and to buy sex toys and so much more without leaving our beds!
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Interview: Ute Pauline Wiemer on Lovetreats and Sex

Ute Pauline Wiemer, along with her partner Balaji, founded Lovetreats in Bangalore in 2015. Lovetreats is an online retail space and discussion forum for people to buy intimate sexual wellness and health products as well as exchange ideas and learn about topics such as sexuality and intimacy.
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From hysteria to orgasms –The story of sex toys

I don’t know if any of you had noticed the recent article[i] in the newspapers about the new sex doll built using artificial intelligence and robotics. For those wondering what is so special about it, this doll aims to engage with its user at not only the physical level but also at an intellectual and…
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Disability and Sexuality Resources

Posted by incurable hippie: I have been doing some research on sex and disability, and thought I would share some of the links I have found. This will be useful for me in the future as a resource, and hopefully to others too. Disability and Sex General Links: Disability Dharma: What Including & Learning From Disability…