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Section 377

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Issue in Focus – Desire and Sexuality

Any desire, not necessarily or narrowly sexual, but perhaps related to sexuality, such as independence, equality, gender role-bending, controlling your own finances, eating the food you’d like to eat as opposed to the food your spouse desires, wearing the clothes you’d like to wear, birth control, choosing to have or not to have children … any of these desires would have only that importance that the individual concerned is able to apportion to it.
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Media and the Power of Responsible Representation

It is the winter of 2013, and my father and I are sitting at an awkward distance from each other on the living room couch, our eyes trained on the television set as a popular prime time news debate discusses a subject we have never before talked to each other about – homosexuality. It is only a few days since Section 377 has been reinstated by the Supreme Court, and the television and print media bombards us with discussion after discussion on ‘alternate’ sexualities and LGBTQ rights.
A photo of Anjali Gopalan, who has short black and gray hair and dark eyes. Anjali is smiling, wearing a light pink dupatta. Source: Naz Foundation


In October 2013, Anisha Dutt from TARSHI interviewed Anjali Gopalan, Founder and Executive Director of The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, an NGO dedicated to the fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic in India, for the inaugural issue of the blog. During our interaction with her, she shared with us some of the challenges she…
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Girl, when you blow your boy, or boy, when you go down on her, or when both of you use a toy, and all the world's a blur, I know it feels like heaven, you too violate 377.   Moments before she died (December, 2012) It is the night of foreboding her skin is again…

Desire Against Desire

Post the historic Naz Foundation judgment of the Delhi High Court in July 2009, a prominent English news magazine carried a photograph my friend and activist Anindya Hajra celebrating the decision carrying a placard which read: ‘Just had my first legal sex.’ Needless to say, the placard was being displayed with specific regard to a…

Interview : Arvind Narrain

JG: As a founder member of The Alternative Law Forum (ALF) you have engaged with conventional law and at the same time looked for spaces which are beyond the law. Do tell us a little bit about how ALF came about and how it has evolved over the years. Arvind Narain (AN): ALF was started…
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Verdict 377: Love in the times of Section 377

The Supreme Court’s verdict on Section 377 will not make a difference to my life with my “roommate” but will validate the homophobia and the discrimination and harassment that accompany it. Every time during our conversations, my mother enquires about my partner. “Did he go to office?”, she asks. Trivial questions as they are but…