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Video Page: Lost & Found

Two men in a public bus facing each other, one of them standing behind the other and they are looking at each other fondly.

Lost & Found is about two strangers trying to steal a moment of passion while looking for their own space in a crowded public bus; in the middle of summer; in the bustling metropolis of New Delhi. What follows is a typical comedy of errors and misunderstandings which lead to a light-hearted climax. Shrenik in his film, has used humor to depict the nuances of cruising and even though the film is short and funny, it manages to encapsulate a plethora of emotions – love, betrayal and trust. The film revolves around the concept of consent and assertion and in the context of the recent Section 377 judgment, this film  becomes even more relevant.

Lost and Found won the best short film at Kashish Queer Film Festival, Mumbai in 2010 and was selected at premier LGBT film festivals of the world like Mardi Gras 08, Sydney, Seattle Queer Festival 2007, Reeling, Chicago 07 and OUTSIDERS, Liverpool. This film was also selected at India’s first Queer film festival ‘Nigah Queer Fest 07’ and was very well received.

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