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New Delhi

Picture of Feminist Activist Kavita Krishnan. She is wearing a black kurta and a red dupatta.

Video Page: Kavita Krishnan on Urban Mobility

The gang rape and murder of New Delhi’s Jyoti Singh in December 2012 shook up the country’s urban collective conscience. Kavita Krishnan’s erudite feminist leadership emerged from the incident’s aftermath – a powerful voice of outrage against the curtailing of freedom and mobility.
Two men in a public bus facing each other, one of them standing behind the other and they are looking at each other fondly.

Video Page: Lost & Found

Lost & Found is about two strangers trying to steal a moment of passion while looking for their own space in a crowded public bus; in the middle of summer; in the bustling metropolis of New Delhi. What follows is a typical comedy of errors and misunderstandings which lead to a light-hearted climax. Shrenik in…