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A photograph of a person in a gym holding a barbell, his arm and leg visible in the frame.

The Gendered Muscle in Gym Spaces

I can recall my experiences in the washrooms of different gyms that I have been a member of. A men's washroom is an interesting place in terms of how sexuality manifests itself in its various aspects. It was not unusual to see men of various kinds with strange energies in these washrooms.
A photograph of two yellow flowers blooming amid grass. Dark green leaves are emerging from behind the flowers' petals.

Editorial: Representation and Sexuality

We are, all of us, trying to hold steady, and to hold space for each other and for ourselves. And so, instead of trying to put together a collection of ‘all new’ articles, this time we are republishing some ‘ever fresh’ ones on the theme of Sexuality and Representation.
A screenshot from Robot Hugs' comic. The background is purple and has a figure wearing a darker purple shirt and grey pants. Their hair is green and they are looking curiously and confusedly at the illustration of the female reproductive system to their left. The figure of the reproductive system is coloured in light and dark shades of pink and has a black question mark in the middle. The text, to the right of the figure, says "But I am already whole and complete, and I am not full of empty spaces."

Brushstrokes: Dear Sex-Ed Textbook

Robot Hugs gives us a glimpse into the doubts and confusions they grappled with while growing up, and unravels the tightly wound preconceptions in culture influenced by, and at the same time, influencing scientific and medical imagination.
A still from the film What Will People Say?

Shame, shame!

I discovered the movie What Will People Say? while browsing Netflix. Growing up in a society in which people are obsessed with everyone else’s opinion (except their own, perhaps), the name of the film caught my attention. Directed by Iram Haq and set in present-day Norway and Pakistan, the film is about Nisha, the teenaged…
A photo/gif from the set of comics,where the girl is winking her eye, there is a caption saying 'good luck!'

Brushstrokes: 9 Simple Ways to Become the Perfect Sanskari Woman

In many societies, women are assigned the role of ‘protecting’ or upholding tradition and culture. Their movements, behaviour and conversations are policed by their communities in an effort to ensure that women fulfil the often unattainable goal of being unwavering bastions of tradition. Perplexingly, the traditional attributes that are so romanticized by the community at…
A group of girls wearing knee-length white dhotis, shirts, and goggles, with their hair tied back. "Women in jeans against indian culture - KJ Yesudas" is written opposite the photo. On the bottom is written "challenge accepted".

To Laugh Or Not to Laugh

“Everything is funny, if you can laugh at it.” – Lewis Carroll Lewis Carroll can be said to have a rights-based perspective as he affirms everyone’s agency to laugh. But not everyone finds everything funny, clearly witnessed by the rising number of defamation suits, speech curtailing legislations, and various groups objecting to the stereotypes that…