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Picture of British comedian Miranda Hart sitting down

Issue In Focus: What’s In a Joke?

Last January, armed gunmen stormed the Paris office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 and injuring 11, because the magazine published a satirical cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. While the world condemned the violence and mourned the death of the artists, we were also forced to ask ourselves if joking sometimes goes too…
Lata Mani in a bookshop. She has short hair and is wearing a green kurta and glasses. She flips through a book by a shelf.

Video Page: Lata Mani on Neoliberalisation and Gender

Watch media theorist, linguist and philosopher, Wolfgang Sutzl interview feminist historian and cultural critic Lata Mani about the impact of neoliberalism on the rearrangement of gender codes and conduct in Bangalore, (and) India. Cover image: The Hindu We curate videos and images based on our monthly theme, and credit and link back to their original source.   
Book cover with white background. Line drawing of a woman from waist to thighs, naked. On top is written the author's name in black "Emily Nayoski". Below it in red in cursive is written, "COME as you are".

Book Review: Come As You Are

You should venture to read Emily Nagoski’s book, Come As You Are in public. Not because you want to make your sex life public, but because the cover with the outline of a naked woman’s body makes a powerful statement. It says you don’t care much for patriarchal notions of shame. (And it will honestly…
A person with dark hair and glasses holds up a blue picture frame to display the mehendi on their hand and the chura on their wrist. A birthday cake with the number 29 is to the right, and a wine glass is to the left. The person's head is turned to the side; the backdrop is a red wall.

Marriage And The Body As A Birthing Vessel

"I don't always remember that I'm nearing thirty. On an average day the thought that I have a ticking time-bomb inside me, never occurs to me. After a day's hard work when I head out to meet my friends, the thought 'Oh my god, I should be hunting for a husband right now so that…
An artistic rendering of looking in the mirror. A person with orange hair and a green sleeveless dress looks at multicolored abstract figures beyond the mirror.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Who Is The Truest Of All?

Theme: Relationship With Self Through this work of art, I want to depict the relationship of our self with the mirror where we trap ourselves as a surreal image in the mirror. The painting tries to depict that the real image is not the one in the mirror. It is outside us as collation of images…