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Marriage And The Body As A Birthing Vessel

A person with dark hair and glasses holds up a blue picture frame to display the mehendi on their hand and the chura on their wrist. A birthday cake with the number 29 is to the right, and a wine glass is to the left. The person's head is turned to the side; the backdrop is a red wall.

“I don’t always remember that I’m nearing thirty. On an average day the thought that I have a ticking time-bomb inside me, never occurs to me. After a day’s hard work when I head out to meet my friends, the thought ‘Oh my god, I should be hunting for a husband right now so that I can have children before it’s too late!’ never occurs to me either. My age only becomes sinister to me when people gleefully remind me that the proverbial clock is ticking away and my chances of finding happiness (whatever that means) come with an expiry date. I don’t like to think my body or even my sexuality has an expiry date.”

– Jyotika Oberoi, demands to not be looked at as a birthing-vessel.

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