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Sexual Rights

An abstract drawing of a face, intertwined with different textures, animals like a bird and a snake, and trees.

Issue In Focus: Sexual Rights

It may be useful to visualize sexual rights as a large tree with deep roots and a vast canopy of leaves. Or as a giant umbrella. Or a big tent. Whatever tickles your imagination and allows you to see it as a conceptual and practical tool to make claims for any aspect that relates to…
Poster for the movie "The Sessions". Rectangluar photos of different characters from the movie are arranged against a background of varying shades of blue rectangles. Source: Creative Commons

Reel Review: Of Sex and Desire: What Mark O’Brien Taught Me

“Today I ask if I’ve found a place among the rest, who studied, read, wrote and passed the test in cap and gown. Today I hope you see a man upon this stage.” In his opening monologue in the film ‘The Sessions’ (2012), Mark O’Brien encapsulates in a single sentence his anxieties, insecurities and latent…
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The Editorial: Sexual Rights

Greetings from TARSHI! We are very pleased to bring to you the first issue of In Plainspeak, our new monthly blog. Taking off from TARSHI’s seventeen plus years of work in sexual and reproductive health and rights, our blog is an attempt to engage extensively and constructively with many issues, age-old and emerging – issues…
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Review: The Yellow Book

After the endless media coverage of the horrific gangrape in December 2012, words like rape, sex, vagina and so on have made far more appearance in common parlance than they ever had before. With a very curious 6 year old and an 8 year old on the verge of his tweens, I’ve worked hard to…

यौनिक अधिकार

यौनिक अधिकार यौनिक अधिकार मानव अधिकारों के मूलभूत तत्व हैं। इनमें आनंदमय यौनिकता को अनुभव करने का अधिकार शामिल है, जो अपने आप में आवश्यक है और इसके साथ ही यह लोगों के बीच संवाद और प्रेम का मूल माध्यम है। यौनिक अधिकार, यौनिकता के ज़िम्मेदार प्रयोग में स्वाधीनता और स्वायत्ता के अधिकार को सम्मिलित…
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A Critical View Of Sexual Health Education In Iran

When I was 16, I thought: 'Some topics in physics have no benefit for students throughout their life. For instance, we had a chapter in physics regarding ‘mirrors.’ My question is how important is it to know about the type of pictures in a curved mirror, for instance? I think that these topics can be…