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PDA: Slippery Slope from Law to Moral Policing

Sexuality is taboo in our context, and expressions of it publicly or even in the home setting outside the bedroom, especially by those who are not in ‘legitimate’ relationships ‘alarm the modesty’ and are generally considered anti-culture or simply categorised as Western concepts.
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Issue in Focus: “Is that Book Feminist?”

Fiction is a realm within which we can imagine the limitlessness of our feminist realities. By censoring fiction itself in an anxiety to perform what we understand as feminism, is to censor our imaginations, its subtle negotiations with reality and its potential in generating desires and dreams we hardly knew of. Does this mean we don’t critique books and movies? Definitely not! Critique is fun. Critique is important. Critique is how we grow. But the judgement needs to stop.
Nepal Marriage


By birth a woman belongs to her father’s clan, and then she gets given to her husband’s. We forget who our mothers and grandmothers are. Their blood does not flow in our lineage
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Marriage And The Body As A Birthing Vessel

"I don't always remember that I'm nearing thirty. On an average day the thought that I have a ticking time-bomb inside me, never occurs to me. After a day's hard work when I head out to meet my friends, the thought 'Oh my god, I should be hunting for a husband right now so that…