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Brushstrokes: Harassment

Whether it is by checking harassment from fellow men, or by questioning one’s own internalisation of subtly sexist and harmful behaviour, there’s a whole range of ways to go about making a positive shift
Against a grey background, little thought bubbles that talk about poential risks one can encounter on a blind date

Brushstrokes: Risky Date

First dates can be a source of both excitement and anxiety – the possibility of finding a connection someone new is endlessly exhilarating, but the uncertainty around what to expect can be unnerving
Illustration of a naked woman in a bathtub, her menstrual blood visible in the water she's taking a bath in

Brushstrokes: #100DaysofLaundry

But what about the “moments we don’t Instagram”? What about the uglier parts of our physical lived realities? What about the parts of our body, our identities, our sexuality we don’t perform on social media, but are still an intrinsic part of who we are?
A person with dark hair and glasses holds up a blue picture frame to display the mehendi on their hand and the chura on their wrist. A birthday cake with the number 29 is to the right, and a wine glass is to the left. The person's head is turned to the side; the backdrop is a red wall.

Marriage And The Body As A Birthing Vessel

"I don't always remember that I'm nearing thirty. On an average day the thought that I have a ticking time-bomb inside me, never occurs to me. After a day's hard work when I head out to meet my friends, the thought 'Oh my god, I should be hunting for a husband right now so that…
An artistic rendering of looking in the mirror. A person with orange hair and a green sleeveless dress looks at multicolored abstract figures beyond the mirror.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Who Is The Truest Of All?

Theme: Relationship With Self Through this work of art, I want to depict the relationship of our self with the mirror where we trap ourselves as a surreal image in the mirror. The painting tries to depict that the real image is not the one in the mirror. It is outside us as collation of images…