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Brushstrokes: #100DaysofLaundry

Illustration of a naked woman in a bathtub, her menstrual blood visible in the water she's taking a bath in

Social Media is essentially all about “performance” – in it, we always try to present the most sanitised, the most polished, most self-censored version of ourselves to fit a specific aesthetic or mode of desirability. But what about the “moments we don’t Instagram”? What about the uglier parts of our physical lived realities? What about the parts of our body, our identities, our sexuality we don’t perform on social media, but are still an intrinsic part of who we are? These are exactly the questions artist and illustrator Kaviya Ilango tries to address in her Instagram art project called #100DaysofDirtyLaundry. From menstruation to not-so-ideal mental health to body hair, Ilango doesn’t hold back when she illustrates the realities of being young and female, stripped of all performativity.

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