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Anjora Sarangi

The Editorial: Self-Care and Sexuality

The Editorial: Self-Care and Sexuality

What is the self, and what does it mean to give care? Philosophers, activists, artists, scientists, people of all inclinations and positions have pondered on, played with, and struggled to come to meaningful definitions about the issues these questions address. Without care, can there be a self at all?
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The Editorial: Films and Sexuality

The arts hold great sway on how sexuality is viewed, represented, and understood. Does art imitate life, or life, art? Or can it be tossed away as an inscrutable mix of the two influencing each other?
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The Editorial: People’s Movements and Sexuality

For as long as we can conceive of the existence of human civilisation, we can expect there to have been people’s movements. The term ‘people’s movements’ itself refers to the inexorable nature of the human being: things always change; they fall apart and come together in dynamic fluidity, and this uncontainable, organic spirit of constant flux is some of the joy of living.
Painting showing caste differences. Two women squatting, facing each other. One wears a plain white simple saree without a blouse, and has a darker complexion. The other, of fairer complexion, wears a shiny purple saree with blouse, and a big nose ring. Below in cursive is written, "wild six paking the greenspad".

Interview: Maya Sharma on People’s Movements in India – 1

Maya Sharma is a feminist and activist who has been passionately involved in the Indian women’s movement. She has co-written Women’s Labour Rights, a book on single women’s lives. She is currently working with Vikalp Women’s Group, a grassroots organization in Baroda, Gujarat, that works with tribal women and transgender people. TARSHI volunteer Anjora Sarangi interviews Maya about her experiences with and observations about various people’s movements in India.
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The Editorial: Fantasy and Sexuality

Fantasy is make-believe. We make something up and then we believe it in order to make it exist. However, in some contexts, the make-believe is relegated to the realm of mere 'play’ (as opposed to the ‘real’), but there’s no denying that make-believing is a crux of human civilisation – children naturally play make-believe games that steer them in their growth, adults use the hypothetical in their thought to make everyday decisions, and both children and adults rely on fantastical stories and myths to construct a common meaning that contributes to creating the world as we know it.