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A photograph by Sujata Setia. A couple stands under a blue umbrella, holding each other, in a field.
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Brushstrokes: Ageing and Sexuality

Bathed in fuzzy yellow light, Sujata Setia’s photographs are aglow with sweet everyday gestures of love between older adults – a lingering look, a bunch of wildflowers, a warm hug, a playful game of chess… This photography project hinged around older adults to bring out the romance in their relationships, subtly and dexterously shakes loose limiting ideas around expressing sexuality as we grow older. Capturing moments of tenderness between these couples as they shine with affection, comfort, and laughter, Sujata’s photo-series reminds us that we don’t simply fall in love, but with time, nurture and strengthen intimacy.

These photographs were originally published on But Natural Photography . 


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