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A black and white photograph by Arianne Clément of Marie-Berthe.

Brushstrokes: ‘The Art of Aging’

As Clément subverts ageist norms around beauty with her camera-work, the women and men (ranging in age from 70 to 102 years) who reveal themselves in this project give us a glimpse into their inner world and the rich and vibrant ways in which they experience sensuality.
A photograph by Sujata Setia. A couple stands under a blue umbrella, holding each other, in a field.

Brushstrokes: Ageing and Sexuality

Capturing moments of tenderness between these couples as they shine with affection, comfort, and laughter, Sujata’s photo-series reminds us that we don’t simply fall in love, but with time, nurture and strengthen intimacy.
A boy looking in a room through a creaked door. There, a girl is breastfeeding a baby.

Brushstrokes: Married Young

In the Chinese province of Yunnan, ‘early marriage’ is a common phenomenon. Dearth of employment opportunities compels parents to marry off their children before leaving for work in bigger cities. The cultural trend favours early marriage, so there is no social stigma attached to it.
Artist Sunil Gupta stands infront of a wall which has two framed photos of his family. He has greying hair and is wearing a patterned woolen sweater.

Interview – Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta is an artist, activist, and a curator, based in London UK. In this interview, he talks to Manak Matiyani about how he has used art as a medium for activism. Manak Matiyani: You took up the camera as a hobby. Could you tell me a bit about how you started and how it…