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EDITORIAL – Sexuality and SISA Spaces

Happy New Year! As we step into a new year amidst uncertainty and instability, we bring to our readers the hope and possibility of SISA spaces – Safe, Inclusive and Self-Affirming spaces. We envision SISA spaces as non-judgmental, inclusive, rights-based and affirming spaces wherein people’s sexuality, their identities, wellbeing, choices, desires and pleasure are respected.…
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Editorial – Play and Sexuality

Coupled with the tendency to approach sexuality with seriousness, play often remains absent in discussions of sexuality. Sexuality shares the elements of fun, pleasure and spontaneity that are found in play.
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Editorial: Fandom and Sexuality

Members of a fandom are not just passive consumers but active co-creators who imagine and build new worlds around their objects of adoration. Fandom communities offer fans the freedom of being able to imagine, create and share all sorts of scenarios, including romantic, erotic and sexual ones.

Editorial: Labour and Sexuality

In the mid-month issue, Meena Gopal and Tejaswi Sevekari offer us feminist reflections on labour and sexuality, taking us deeper into unpacking how issues of labour and sexuality are intricately woven with social locations, primarily those of caste and class, among others in a caste-based society such as ours.

मैंने भारत में 1 वर्ष बिताया और असहज सी रही! 

Annie McCarthy मेरे लिए हैरानी की बात यह है कि मुझे कुर्तियाँ पहनने में उतनी घबराहट कभी नहीं हुई जितनी कि मुझे तब होने लगती है जब मुझे अपने कपड़ों की अलमारी में टंगे हुए किन्ही खास मौकों (आम तौर पर मेरी माँ इसका फैसला लेती हैं) पर पहने जाने वाले महिला परिधानों को पहनने…

Editorial: Intersectionality and Sexuality

Intersectionality, put simply means that our location on different dimensions such as those of gender identity, caste, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, to name just a few, weaves an intricate criss-crossing that determines our privileges and marginalisations. Shweta Krishnan, in an examination of desire and caste, shows how this criss-crossing is not between mutually exclusive…
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Editorial: Disability and Sexuality

Both sexuality and disability are complex terrains, offering a realm of possibilities that are often made unnecessarily complicated and unattainable by the mental maps we draw of them and the artificial barriers we erect.
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Editorial: Sexuality and Self-care

Continuing with our theme of self-care being about sustaining ourselves, our work, our movements, keeping the fires lit, and relating with love to ourselves, in our mid-month issue we bring you more articles looking at self-care from different perspectives – individual, queer, activist, collective, organisational, not necessarily separated, or in this order, of course.