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The Future Is TransFeminist: from imagination to action

An illustration of a woman’s face and torso, superimposed with markers of digital engagement. Behind her, two octopus arms and from under the torso, palms and leaves flowering.
This piece was first published on Deep Dives as a part of the series “Bodies of Evidence”.

Joana Varon
Joana Varon

For the last few years, inspired by creative exchanges with feminists from different spots around planet Earth, I’ve started to play with the idea of envisioning speculative transfeminist futures. What would the future look like if algorithms that command our daily interactions were developed based on feminist values? What if the technologies we cherish were developed to crash, instead of maintain, the matrix of domination of capitalism, hetero-patriarchy, white supremacy, and colonisation?

Left: Hands, eyes & octopus tails; Text: “Values” . Right: GIF of cards — consent, agency, cooperation etc. with related art.

Illustrations by Clara Juliano for Coding Rights. Concept by Joana Varon, Sasha Costanza and Clara Juliano

The matrix of domination with the words capitalism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and colonialism criss-crossing.

Graphic by Joana Varon and Clara Juliano

Left: GIF of a frog dancing and text “Sapa Tao”. Right: Screenshot — Your story goes against our community guidelines.

Our little frog was censored by Instagram in the day of Lesbian Visibility

Hand written text & illustration in 4 panels relating to the questions: What does your tech look like? What is it called? etc

Sketch by Clara Juliano for Coding Rights

Left: Two hands with a finger intertwined. Right: columns — “body & consent qualifiers” and “data & consent qualifiers”.

A brown fist holding flowers. Above: Coding Rights, Decolonise AI. All around: text and element documentation.

Graphic recording by Sonaksha Iyengar during Coding Rights presentation at #FIRNetwork convening.

Cover Photo: Clara Juliano, designer at Coding Rights

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