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#MeToo India: The limits of analysis

This article was originally published here. 6th July 2021 Nayantara Ranganathan Nayantara is a researcher and lawyer working on the politics and culture of technologies. In this paper, we study tweets with the hashtag #metooindia, towards understanding the #metoo phenomenon as it has unfolded/unfolds in India. This study by Nayantara Ranganathan (researcher and lawyer working…

The Gaysi Guide To Understanding Privilege

This article was originally published here. This article aims to be for everyone and thus not something someone can dismiss because they already “covered it” in their graduation women studies’ course. What does being an intersectional feminist entail? We shall not go into the theoretical constructs of the term although we shall always be grateful…

Towards A Dalit Feminist Standpoint – The Emancipatory Project For All Womxn

This article was originally published here. An elementary reading of feminist literature and politics in India reveals that Savitribai Phule was the first female teacher and social reformer to implement ‘intersectionality‘ in its most practical sense. She opened the gates of secular education to women belonging to all caste and class strata of the Indian…

Queer People With Disabilities And An Ally Speak Out How Fundamentally Inaccessible The Ongoing Queer Rights Movement Is

This post was originally posted here. Highlighting how everything that we talk about when we talk about queer issues caters to only a privileged section of society, they share how access to technology and the internet, which may sound like a non-issue for a person of able-bodymind, may not be even suited for disabled people’s…
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The Politics of Self Care and Feminism

In a time when reason is more valued than emotion, unravelling and understanding the politics of self-care becomes all the more fundamental for us, and the movements we seek to develop and build. When our bodies, our emotions and our needs become weapons to be used against us, acts of defiance become rooted in thinking about your self and how we practice it. I find I am faced with more questions than answers, but I also know that asking the questions is the first step to finding the answers