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An abstractly made illustration of a landscape with mountains depicted in yellow, and below, a blend of green-blue to depict oceans. The texture of the colours evokes waves as well as ice. On the left is a paper boat, yellow-white with blue-green hues, carrying a red rose-like flower in the middle.

Swipe me left, I’m Dalit

Dalit women are primarily viewed as victims and survivors of various kinds of violence. Reification of the Dalit identity has led to the boxing of our existence whose dimensions are solely defined by the savarna (dominant caste) gaze. Our self-assertions of identity are commodified to create a warped limiting of our lives, creating an image that is voiceless in the minds of our potential suitors. We are not seen as being capable of desire, love or happiness; we don’t exist as individuals outside of violence.
An illustration of three women against a blue background with bubbles in white. The three women are looking in different directions and close together. The front-most woman has long purple hair and is wearing a black top. Her face is turned towards the left. The woman behind her has short yellow-blonde hair and her eyes are not visible. She is wearing a black top too. The woman behind both is staring into the camera and has purple eyeshadow. She has short copper hair. On the right-most corner, in white letters, is written "(gaysi)"

The Legend Of The Invisible Lesbians

Of course, one needs to acknowledge that this word did not magically turn up in the vocabularies of the ‘good girls from good families’ that came to a convent school to learn ‘good things’ everyday. The extensively gendered environment which promised to manufacture highly-marriageable ‘young ladies’, aided by the insistence of middle-aged spiteful teachers to absolutely destroy any kind of existence that does not constantly bow it’s pretty, two-plaited head to the heteronormative male gaze, created a suffocatingly toxic atmosphere.
Image of two dolls swaying their legs and arms. The doll on the left has long hair and is wearing a red coloured head scarf on its head and a white sweater and black pants. The doll also has makeup on its face. The doll on the rights has short hair and is wearing a white sweater with grey pants. The doll has a black woolen scarf around its neck

Tinderization of Feeling

To be without intricacies is to be without emotional boundaries, to disregard whoever whenever. Besties save you from your shit. They are your heart, and they transcend any efficiency that the Tinderization Bestie Robot attempts to offer you in its binary fantasy.

The Gaysi Guide To Dressing Like A Lesbian

This article was originally published in Gaysifamily Posted by Srishti Berry Posted onApr 25 2020 In only a few simple steps you can look like the lesbian you have always dreamt of being. Are you a newbie in the world of openly out lesbians? *gasp* Do you also wish to have a girlfriend but also cannot…
Image description: Women and girls sitting on floor, at the Imagine a Feminist Internet South East Asia regional convening. Image source: Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines


This post was originally posted here underAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) . When is the last time that you daydreamed, spending hours imagining some unrealistic ideas? Have you found yourself continuously getting overwhelmed by different issues happening in this world as a feminist? Is it difficult for you to take a break, a break for fantasising,…

Why Queer Friendships Are Important To Queer People

This post was originally published here. Posted by Sohini Chatterjee Growing up in a queerphobic/queer invisibilising culture makes us search for unique ways of escaping from ourselves that frequently entail the performance of denial as our lived reality, figuring among the most potent but wearying survival strategies we employ to get through the days. Denying…

सावित्रीबाई फुले: ज़माने को बदला अपने विचारों से

This post was originally published here. हम अंदाज़ा लगा ही सकते हैं कि जब दलितों का आज भी इतना शोषण होता है तो आज से 150 साल पहले क्या हाल रहा होगा। ऐसे में ज्योतिबा और सावित्रीबाई फुले ने इनके हकों की बात उठाई। पति-पत्नी की इस जोड़ी ने मांगा और महार जातियों के बीच काम किया। महाराष्ट्र…