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Bird's eye view of an urban city, full of buildings

Youth, Class and Sexuality

Class is a very important factor if you want to associate with "smart" company. Your looks, your fashion sense, your taste in music, your knowledge about international issues and celebrity gossip become very important to belong to "that" bunch of people.
Black and white photo of two young women speaking on a stage, reading out from the sheets of paper in their hands. One wears a saree, and has curly hair left open. The other wears a top, and has her hair open falling till her chest. She holds a rectangle-shaped structure in front of her face through which she sees across.

On Realising a Young Feminist Dream

One gets introduced to feminism through various modes: through books, through university courses, through parents and sometimes one does not realize one is a feminist, but still lives the life of a feminist. [inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="" suffix=""]Feminism is for all and tends to surprise anyone who comes under her fold.[/inlinetweet] I am a feminist and…
A meme of a woman with her finger pointing outward speaking angrily. Text written reads, "Meaningful youth participation means involving young people in decision making process, not just making them as decoration!"

Nothing for us without us: Young People and Development

There are many mechanism, agendas and processes such as the post-2015 mechanism in development to ensure gender equality and ‘to leave no one behind.’ These are meant to work together with national strategies, global development discourse, Civil society, UN bodies, grassroots organisations, the corporate sector, etc. Human rights are not a gift and certainly not…
Painting of a naked woman sharing an intimate moment with a naked man as she lies down hear his lap

Pleasure and Sex: Non-Committed Sexual Relationships in Urban India

Academic scholarship, popular culture and media-generated sex surveys are only beginning to understand ‘pre-marital’ sex among young people in India. But this understanding too is limited, since it presents ‘pre-marital’ sex as a monolith that generally stands in for committed romantic monogamous relationships, without explaining that ‘pre-marital’ sex constitutes many more kinds of sexual activity.…
A picture of a class full of young students with their four teachers standing at the back. One of the students towards the front is holding up a placard with Mary Wollstonecraft's name written on it.

Teenage feminism – coming to a blog near you

By: Chelsea Birkby at The F-Word. Chelsea Birkby welcomes the spread of the feminist movement online with open arms for changing young women's attitudes to feminism Feminism. When we were at school it just wasn't a thing. As smug kids who were more likely to say "It's different now, Miss" than listen to our teachers tell us about the…
A person with short dark hair reads TARSHI's The Yellow Book

Review: The Yellow Book

After the endless media coverage of the horrific gangrape in December 2012, words like rape, sex, vagina and so on have made far more appearance in common parlance than they ever had before. With a very curious 6 year old and an 8 year old on the verge of his tweens, I’ve worked hard to…
A person with short dark hair and silver earrings holds a sign that says "Sexual Rights To Me Means Control Over My Own Body". The photo is in black and white.

What Do Sexual Rights Mean To You?

PGs or Paying Guest accommodations are a big ‘phenomenon’ in Delhi given the number of universities and colleges the city has and the limited hostel facilities that these institutions provide. Outstation students have no choice but to take recourse to PGs. There exists a huge diversity in such PGs in terms of the cities the…