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Young People Lead the Way: From Parliamentary Processes to Kitchens

Photo of a class studying anatomy. A little girl pointing to the vagina of the person in the projected image on the board. The teacher stands on the side, looking on.

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The buzzword for the world of development in the 21st century is “Young People.” But there are serious concerns that young people are often included only in name and are hardly allowed to participate meaningfully in the formulation of agendas and policies that stand to affect their future. Here is a photo essay that examines how the UN believes young people could shape policies that relate to gender and sexual and reproductive rights, participating in everything from policy making to parliamentary processes to refugee camps and, well, the kitchen. Will it amount to more than interesting photo essays? The Post-2015 agenda and its targets will tell.

Pic Source/Credit:

1. UN Women/Kristin Ivarsson

2. Xinyu Zhang

3. Photo courtesy of HOPEM

4. UN Women Jordan/Abdullah Ayoub

5. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

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