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A photograph of a person's arm and hand. The background of a couch with a blue duvet is blurred, and the focus is on the person's hands, with brown nail-paint, and a blue pen in their hands. They are writing in a spiral bound notebook. Beside them is a black cup.

Dear Diary: The radically feminist creative journalling practice that nobody talks about

My journal has many entries that are speculative and fantastic. Writing about the mundane leads me to question the way the world operates and from there I frog-leap into a world of ideas where I imagine a radically different way of being. In my journal, I imagine a politics of care, community, and compassion. I become grand, valuable, and unstoppable, even in a world where I am sometimes made to feel small.

Editorial: Literature and Sexuality

As we see through this issue of In Plainspeak, stories have in them the power of exposing brutal truths about society and therefore also bring with them the possibility of reform, change, and hope, and when not possible, temporarily escaping into other worlds.
winds of change in communities

Community and Sexuality: Learning a Politics of Unbelonging

After writing the words “Community and Sexuality” as the working title of this piece, I attempted to begin writing many times, but kept getting stuck at “community” and its meaning. I kept coming back to this common phrase that we hear often in conversations, “hamare yahaan...”, “hum logon mein...”,[1] or the many variations of the…
A right profile of Alok Vaid-Menon with a stub, wearing red lipstick, yellow nosering, big golden and black earrings, and hair parted by the side - with right side "manly" hair, and left - longer and curlier.

Brushstrokes: Alok Vaid-Menon’s Stunning Trans Attire

Alok Vaid-Menon is one half of the trans South Asian performance duo from New York, DarkMatter. Vaid-Menon was gender-assigned male at birth, identifies as transfeminine (that is, identifies with femininity to a greater extent than with masculinity) and prefers the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘their’.
Professionals standing in a row on stage. They join their hands and raised them up in celebration. The poster on the wall behind them reads, "Positive power".

Positive Power!

On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2015, I could not help but ponder on what the day means to me and so many others like me who are living with HIV. This was on my mind as I helped my organization, India HIV/AIDS Alliance, prepare for Positive Power: All-India PLHIV Leadership Summit. We organised…
Artist Sunil Gupta stands infront of a wall which has two framed photos of his family. He has greying hair and is wearing a patterned woolen sweater.

Interview: Sunil Gupta (Part II)

Sunil Gupta is an artist, activist, and a curator, based in London UK. In this interview, he talks to Manak Matiyani about how he has used art as a medium for activism. For part 1 of this interview, please go here. Manak: You have spoken earlier about the link between the work of a curator…